PRO-AGE Ampoule - Retinol - Youth Shot: daily treatment

Stimulating and regenerating action to help reduce the negative effects of age on the skin.

RECOMENDED: Dry/Normal skin.
RECOMMENDED FREQUENCY: 28 days treatment (1 or 2 times a day) for incredible results.
SELLING FORMAT: 5 ampoules of 1,5 ml case. 
USE: Apply on clean face. Let dry and then apply your usual makeup.


8 Reviews

Dejan piel de seda (They leave silk skin )
Great, super moisturizing and fast absorption. I love

original: Geniales, super hidratantes y de rápida absorción. Me encantan

Recomendable (Recommended )
They leave the skin great, they are perfect for your daily use.

original: Dejan la piel estupenda, son perfectas para su uso diario.

Geniales (Genuine )
This type of ampoules with retinol have an oily consistency, I have oily skin and I have been given an ampoule for 3 uses, since my skin does not absorb the product easily, and I applied it also on the neck and neckline, I let it absorb quietly for a few minutes and then apply my usual cream and its effect is noticeable and much

original: Este tipo de ampollas con retinol tienen una consistencia aceitosa, yo tengo la piel grasa y me ha servido una ampolla para 3 usos, ya que mi piel no absorbe el producto fácilmente, y eso que lo he aplicado también en el cuello y escote, lo dejo que se absorba tranquilamente durante unos minutos y luego aplico mi crema habitual y su efecto se nota y mucho

Maravillosas (Wonderful )
These bollies have enchanted me! Each one has served me for 4 uses, and my skin al.second day was already much better, I recommend them a lot, I will repeat for sure

original: Estas ampollitas me han encantado ! Cada una me ha servido para 4 usos , y mi piel al.segundo dia ya estaba mucho mejor , las recomiendo mucho , repetiré seguro

Recomendadas 100% (Recommended 100% )
I love this type of treatment. It leaves skin incredibly soft and hydrated and we also support breast cancer research, so I will definitely buy them again.

original: Me encanta este tipo de tratamiento. Deja la piel increíblemente suave e hidratada y ademas apoyamos a la investigación del cáncer de mama, así que sin duda las volveré a comprar.



Las mejores (The best )
Leave the skin juicy and hydrated to the second. They are also ideal as a prebase. A true wonder to be stupid and radiant

original: Dejan la piel jugosa e hidratada al segundo. Además son ideales como prebase. Una verdadera maravilla para estar estupensa y radiante


Daily treatment:

The daily dose of vitality for women who always show the world their best side




Cell regenerator, firming, anti-blemish, anti-wrinkles.

Sunflower Seed Oil

Rich in fatty acids. Nourishes and moisturizes, with antioxidant power.

Derived from vitamin A. Lightens the spots and prevents their appearance. Stimulates cell regeneration in general, in particular increasing the synthesis of two of the main fibers such as collagen and elastin. This gives the skin a more homogenous, illuminated, smooth, elastic and with less wrinkles.

Rich in fatty acids that nourish and help restore the natural lipid barrier of the skin, preventing the loss of transepidermal water (TEWL) and favoring hydration. It is rich in vitamin E (tocopherol) which gives antioxidant power. Being a light oil has great ease of penetration, helping the assets dissolved in the (retinol) to reach the deepest layers and enhancing its action.

How to use

How to use

Break the cap to open

Pour the content in your hands

Apply the product all over your face


Join the PINK

Join the PINK ampoule

Discover why the pink ampoules by Iroha Nature are the urban secret of today's women. The ideal complement in the beauty routine of a dynamic, active and urban woman, who wants to pamper herself intensely but does not have the necessary time. Empower your beauty by supplying the needs of your skin with the #1 product in the ranking of modern and cosmopolitan women. A cosmetic ally that also empowers you. Include the ampoules in fluid and light textures in your facial ritual, for an easy and fast application and absorption, of immediate effect. The perfect cosmetic to improve the appearance of the skin before an event or to provide an extra in those moments that you need it most.

The pink ampoule, an extra for your skin

Discover why the pink ampoules by Iroha Nature are the urban secret of today's women.

Empower your beauty by supplying the needs of your skin with the #1 product in the ranking of modern and cosmopolitan women. A cosmetic ally that also empowers you.

The pink ampoule, an extra for your skin

Support the fight against
breast cancer

Support the fight against breast cancer

During the launch of the product, a percentage of the profits will go to organizations that contribute to international oncological research. Iroha Nature supports the fight against Breast Cancer in 4 countries, through:

Iroha Nature supports solidarity causes internationally through donations to solidarity associations and foundations.

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