ANTIOX Ampoule - Peptides - Active Shot: daily treatment

Instant skin revitalizer: improves circulation, promotes skin regeneration and increases collagen production.

RECOMENDED: Oily/ Normal skin.
RECOMMENDED FREQUENCY: 28 days treatment (1 or 2 times a day) for incredible results.
SELLING FORMAT: 5 ampoules of 1,5 ml case. 
USE: Apply on clean face. Let dry and then apply your usual makeup.


10 Reviews

Mis favoritas (My favorite )
Along with the flash lifting, you are my favorite. With its daily use we get a more luminous and better looking skin.

original: Junto con las flash lifting, estás son mis favoritas. Con su uso diario conseguimos una piel más luminosa y de mejor aspecto.

Piel de melocotón (Peach skin )
The truth that I have been surprised soooo pleasantly. The immediate sensation is that they leave your skin cool, and at the end of the shock treatment you have skin like a peach of soft. Recommended 100%

original: La verdad que me han sorprendido muuuuuy gratamente. La sensación inmediata es que te dejan la piel fresquita, y al terminar el tratamiento de choque tienes la piel como un melocotoncito de suave. Recomendables 100%

Estupendas !!!! (Great! )
They are great the second day you see your skin revitalized with enough luminosity I recommend them completely :)

original: Son geniales al segundo día ves tú piel revitalizada con bastante luminosidad las recomiendo totalmente :)

Espectaculares (Spectacular )
I have used this shock treatment for 5 days and it has left my skin full of life and revitalized. I find them a very good option for seasonal changes (my skin suffers a lot with them) as it restored stability to the skin And if we add that they collaborate with a good cause, it makes them even more special

original: He utilizado este tratamiento de choque durante 5 días y me ha dejado la piel llena de vida y revitalizada Me parecen una muy buena opción para los cambios de estación (mi piel sufre mucho con ellos ) ya que devulve la estabilidad a la piel Y si ya le sumamos que colaboran con una buena causa las hace aún más especiales

Increíbles (Incredible )
I can say that you are blisters have surprised me for very well. I have made the treatment and I notice much more luminous skin. I recommend it 100%

original: Puedo decir que estás ampollas me han sorprendido para muy bien. He realizado el tratamiento y noto la piel mucho más luminosa. Lo recomiendo al 100%

Tratamiento ideal para la preparació al buen tiempo (Ideal treatment for the preparation of good weather )
I have done the chocque treatment for 5 days and I notice the skin much more reaffirmed and nourished. Very interesting to prepare the skin for the change of season. I also applaud the initiative to donate part of the collection to the fight against breast cancer, bravo!

original: He realizado el tratamiento de chocque de 5 días y noto la piel mucho más reafirmada y nutrida. Muy interesante para preparar la piel para el cambio de estación. Además aplaudo la iniciativa de donar parte de la recaudación a la lucha contra el cáncer de mama, bravo!!!

muy agradable (very nice )
Pleasant, effective and for a good and great cause!

original: Agradable, efectiva y por una buena y gran causa!

Efectiva (Effective )
An effective, sensory, pleasant blister brings softness and radiance to the face.

original: Una ampolla efectiva, sensorial, agradable, me aporta suavidad y resplandor al rostro.




Daily treatment:

The non-stop energy for all-action women who live every moment with passion




Increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin, firming action.

Its main function is to transmit information between cells. They communicate to the dermis with the epidermis to get a much faster regeneration in case it needs help or repair. Increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin so they have a firming action and return the elasticity to the skin.


Stimulating, energizing and draining.

It is a known stimulant that revitalizes cells and stimulates their growth. Natural antioxidant, helps fight the harmful effects of UV radiation and photoaging. Therefore, helps delay the appearance of wrinkles, sunspots and the loss of elasticity. Drains and eliminates redness while improving the overall appearance of the skin.

Active Oxygen

Revitalizing, regenerating.

Contributes oxygen the cell, favoring its growth and regeneration. Penetrates very well on the skin and has a high affinity to certain active ingredients (such as retinol). It helps the assets with which it is combined to better penetrate and enhance its function.

Hyaluronic Acid

Fights against the aging of the skin.

Molecule able to capture x100 its volume in water, keeps the skin hydrated. When penetrating the skin it has the ability to fill and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Vitamins (A, E and F)

Powerful antioxidant, regenerating and moisturizing complex.

A cocktail of retinol (Vitamin A) with a great regenerating power of collagen and elastin and anti-stain, tocopherol (Vitamin F) powerful antioxidant and panthenol (Vitamin F) highly moisturizing, healing and dermoprotective.

How to use

How to use

Break the cap to open

Pour the content in your hands

Apply the product all over your face


Join the PINK

Join the PINK ampoule

Discover why the pink ampoules by Iroha Nature are the urban secret of today's women. The ideal complement in the beauty routine of a dynamic, active and urban woman, who wants to pamper herself intensely but does not have the necessary time. Empower your beauty by supplying the needs of your skin with the #1 product in the ranking of modern and cosmopolitan women. A cosmetic ally that also empowers you. Include the ampoules in fluid and light textures in your facial ritual, for an easy and fast application and absorption, of immediate effect. The perfect cosmetic to improve the appearance of the skin before an event or to provide an extra in those moments that you need it most.

The pink ampoule, an extra for your skin

Discover why the pink ampoules by Iroha Nature are the urban secret of today's women.

Empower your beauty by supplying the needs of your skin with the #1 product in the ranking of modern and cosmopolitan women. A cosmetic ally that also empowers you.

The pink ampoule, an extra for your skin

Support the fight against
breast cancer

Support the fight against breast cancer

During the launch of the product, a percentage of the profits will go to organizations that contribute to international oncological research. Iroha Nature supports the fight against Breast Cancer in 4 countries, through:

Iroha Nature supports solidarity causes internationally through donations to solidarity associations and foundations.

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