Face Cream - Cannabis - Nourishing & Protective

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2 Reviews

Muy buen producto
Este producto fue mi salvación, mi piel tiene un aspecto mas sano e iluminado.

Me encanta
Mira que he utilizado cremas, pero esta es la que me ha enamorado sinceramente, estoy muy contenta y la voy a seguir comprando.


HEMP SATIVA SEED OIL (5%): Nourishes the skin deeply and repairs the skin barrier to ensure the proper functioning of the skin and increase its hydration. Improves the appearance of the skin with disorders and atopy.

SHEA BUTTER: Excellent cell regenerator, provides many benefits thanks to its rich composition full of vitamins and minerals.


1. Apply the cream on the clean skin of your face.

2. Gently massage the skin to stimulate the final absorption of the cream.

3. You are ready! Look at the results of the cream that provides flexibility, nourishes and protects your skin.

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