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Hair masks

Hair Mask Cap - SAUNA REPAIR - Argan

With the Sauna Repair hair mask by Iroha Nature you can get a professional hairdressing treatment at a reduced price in just a few minutes and from home. Its composition based on Argan Oil will nourish and help you repair damaged, frizzy or dull hair. Its cap shape creates a sauna effect for a total action in just 15 minutes. Hairdressing effect at home....
Foot masks

Peeling & Exfoliating Socks Socks - Glycolic acid - Mask for Feet

The Peeling & Exfoliation Socks contain a highly concentrated glycolic acid and lactic acid formula that helps exfoliate calluses, corns and rough skin while encouraging cell renewal on the skin of your feet, ​ ​Only 1 application / use of the intensive peeling socks is needed. You must wait 7-15 days to see the final result. The result may vary from...
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Creamy Face Mask - Coco - FUN DAY

Enjoy a comforting sensation and extra hydration. Take care of your skin by keeping it soft and relaxed. Coconut contains lauric acid, which will provide softness to the skin with its restructuring power. With roses, you will feel a relaxing sensation accompanied by a comforting hydration.
Face masks

BRIGHTENING Sheet Mask - Vitamine C

It helps improve the appearance of dull and dehydrated skins. Feel the most hydrated, luminous skin and the most uniform tone. It provides a dose of up to 23 ml of serum in a single application. FLASH EFFECT. In only 15 min PROFESSIONAL RESULTS AT HOME. Endorsed by doctors in aesthetic medicine and beauty professionals.