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The firming peel off mask with 24k GOLD + Natural extracts. helps improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin, while minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores, for a softer and cleaner skin.

DETOX - Peel Off
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The peel-off charcoal mask will help you clean the black heads and remove impurities minimizing large pores, leaving the skin softer and clean. Join the charcoal!

PURIFYING - Green tea
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Cleanses intensely and helps battle oil excess on the skin. Revitalizes and gives the skin a satiny look. Antioxidant properties of green tea make it the best purifier and perfect to battle the aging process. Ginkgo acts as an additional supporter to regenerate, reafirm and brighten your skin.

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Eliminates impurities and dead cells. Feel freshness on your skin, with unified tone and without shine. Lemon's astringent power helps balance oil levels as well as battle acne and impurities. Rosemary is a stimulating, regenerating and perfect cleanser.

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BUY NOW IN THE UKProvides intense nutrition and brings elasticity to the skin. Feel firmer and more elastic skin. What is Jojoba oil? Its concentrated base of ceramide and vitamin E make it a great active to hydrate the skin and restructure the oil balance. Its honey based composition will provide extra hydration as well as a fantastic scent.

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Enjoy a comforting sensation and extra hydration. Take care of your skin by keeping it soft and relaxed. Coconut contains lauric acid, which will provide softness to the skin with its restructuring power. With roses, you will feel a relaxing sensation accompanied by a comforting hydration.

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Hydrates intensely, unifies the skin tone and softens the texture. Come join chocotherapy! Provides a dose of energy and antioxidants with a fantastic smell of chocolate in order to get a hydrated and elastic skin. Shea butter acts as a protective layer to help retain hydration on your skin.

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Cleanses, purifies and prepares the skin before applying a Iroha Nature mask. Apricot contains Vitamin A, which will help enrich and revitalize your skin. Apple is also a great active to eliminate impurities and have radiant skin.