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ANTI-AGE - Pearl

Promotes cellular regeneration and reduces fine lines, while you enjoy the power of pearl on your hands. Professional treatment for hands with visible age signs.Practical format in double layer technology, with an internal tissue layer preimbibided in serum and an extenal protective layer, which fastens the natural actives absorption.

4,09 €
ANTI-AGE - Collagen

Intensive hydrogel antiage patches with Collagen for eyes and lips. 3 use pack. Antiaing, hydrating and regenerating effect that helps battle age signs. Promotes cellular regeneration and helps improve the aspect of the eye and lips area.

6,57 €
ANTI-AGE - Collagen
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Collagen will help prevent the negative effects of aging and will make you feel a more hydrated, elastic, smooth and luminous skin. Innovative 100% cotton tissue for a comforting sensation and a fast actives absorption.

4,09 €