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The argan hand mask offers you a nutritious and intense repairing treatment.In just 15 minutes you feel an intense regenerating, repairing and antioxidant action thanks to the properties of the argan!

Foil Tissue Patches...

Thre foil tissue patches with platinum help to diminish the appearance of eye bags and dark circles, improving hydration and providing brightness. FOIL technology enhances the effect of the serum.

Foil Tissue Patches GOLD...

The foil tissue patches with gold 24K help to improve the appearance of the skin around the EYES or LIPS contour, providing hydration and firmness. FOIL technology enhances the effect of the serum.

PLATINUM Foil Tissue Mask -...

The platinum foil tissue mask provides a deeper hydration and brightness to the skin. Feel your face instantly radiant. FOIL technology enhances the effect of the serum.

DETOX - Peel Off
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The peel-off charcoal mask will help you clean the black heads and remove impurities minimizing large pores, leaving the skin softer and clean. Join the charcoal!

GOLD Foil Tissue Mask -...

The foil tissue mask with 24K gold helps to prevent the negative effects of age on the skin, improving hydration and firmness. FOIL technology enhances the effect of the serum.

ANTIFATIGUE - Vitamin Complex

Vitamin C patches will help you minimize fatigue signs such as expression lines, puffiness and under eye circles. In a simple gesture, your skin will be more hydrated and revitalized.  

DETOX - Tissue
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The charcoal tissue mask helps you detoxify and purify your skin while refreshes and conforts, leaving the skin cleaner, softer and brighter, just in 15 minutes.Join the charcoal!


The glowing peel off mask with PLATINUM + Natural extracts. Provides brightness and softness to the skin, while cleaning and minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores.

ANTI-AGE - Collagen
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Collagen will help prevent the negative effects of aging and will make you feel a more hydrated, elastic, smooth and luminous skin. Innovative 100% cotton tissue for a comforting sensation and a fast actives absorption.

Face Masks
HIDRA VITAL - Vitamin Complex
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In only 15 minutes your skin will be revitalised and you will get rid of fatigue and dehydration. Feel a soothed, soft skin with softened age lines thanks to its active ingredients.

CHARCOAL - Nose Strips
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The cleansing nose strips will help you remove blackheads and skin impurities, leaving the skin cleaner and feeling softer.Enjoy the detoxifying and cleansing charcoal properties.Join the charcoal!

Face Masks
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The firming peel off mask with 24k GOLD + Natural extracts. helps improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin, while minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores, for a softer and cleaner skin.